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NHS 111 makes it easier for you to access local NHS HEALTHCARE SERVICES. You can call 111 when you need medical help fast but itís not a 999 emergency. NHS 111 is a fast and easy way to get the right help, whatever the time. You can also dial 111 when the surgery is closed
Through correct diagnosis, we recognise asthma and aim to abolish the symptoms. By careful treatment, the objective is to maintain the best possible long-term airway function and reduce the risk of severe attacks. In children, we are looking to achieve normal growth. We encourage patients to use self-management plans.

Patients with asthma will be able to recognise their symptoms, know the distinction between preventers and relievers and will understand when to call for help with symptoms that are getting worse. Importantly, we wil demonstrate the correct use of any chosen inhaler device.

Patients on our asthma register will be part of our call and recall system and you will be looked after by our team of practice nurses and doctors. By carefully managing your condition, we will be able to reduce risks, improve quality of life and minimise any absences form school or work.

Please ask at reception for further details.
Patients with any form of Ischaemic heart Disease such as high blood pressure, heart attack, peripheral vascular disease or who have undergone coronary surgery are placed on our call and recall register for regular monitoring.

We monitor health through practice nurse clinics and by GP oversight. Our aim is to provide patients with the best possible advice and treatment in order to maximise quality of life and help prevent future problems.

As part of our work, we monitor cholesterol levels, conduct urine and blood tests, review medication and provide lifestyle advice.

Please ask at reception for further details
Checking your pulse is as important as checking your weight or blood pressure. Cardiac arrhythmia is caused by a heartbeat that is too fast, too slow or irregular.

24 Hour Helpline
01789 450 787
Family Planning
Routine and emergency contraception advice is available to all of our patients, regardless of age and we stress that the service is absolutely confidential. 

We also offer pre-conceptual advice (health advice before you become pregnant) when requested.
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Howden Medical Centre
Pinfold Street
DN14 7DD
Tel: 01430 430318  
Fax: 01430 432050
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Contraception, Sexual Health Testing, Condoms, Sexual Assault, Contraception & advice for young people, Information for Parents, Violence in the Home and Partner Violence, Testicular Cancer, Community Gynaecology, Commercial Sex Workers, Psychosexual Issues, Early Termination of Pregnancy, Unplanned Pregnancy, Contraception Services in East Riding
Sexual health Services at Conifer House
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In case of medical emergency - dial 999
In case of medical emergency - dial 999